Your wedding will be officiated in Florida by a commissioned Notary Public dressed as your favorite wizard. *That's right, the fee for the officiant is only $9.75 to make things official. However, all other services requested, magical or otherwise, will be itemized according to Florida Statutes.

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Whether you want to hear a few free, good ideas over an ice-cold pint of Butterbeer, found only at The Three Broomsticks in Universal Studios (not affiliated, but cited to acknowledge their brand), or you need someone to actually plan the wedding, make the calls, provide the swag, and pay the staff; we got you covered.

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The planners at Wizard Weddings are members of community service organizations, and fan clubs in the Orlando area. We know how to get you official, and not-official-yet, props for your wedding: everything from a Quidditch match, or Kidditch match, to robes for the wait staff.

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Choose an Experienced Wizard as your Officiant

Erik is a service-disabled veteran who pals-around with cosplay clubs, and improv groups in the Orlando area. Before he retired from the US Navy, he was qualified to take affirmations, and acknowledgements from United States military personnel all over the world. His Notary Public Stamp is bonded, and insured with more errors-and-omissions insurance than the cost of your wedding. It is up to you. At no additional charge, your vows can be made unbreakable with as much red tape, and enforceable documents as your witch, and/or wizard hearts desire.


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Electronic-owls accepted from all over the United States for Florida weddings only.